For us being a heavy metal punk band, we do have rules. Chat rules, to be specific, which are the following.

1. Please do not be a douche-bag. You will be kicked if you are pissing off others, and if you continue, it will result in a permaban.

2. No caps spam. Caps are limited to four words. For example, THIS WILL WORK, but THIS WILL NOT AND RESULT IN A WARNING THE FIRST TIME AND A KICK THE SECOND TIME.

3. No letter extensions. That means you cannot extend the leeeeeetttttteeerrrrrrrrsssssss like so, which will result in a kick the first time, 2 hour ban the second time.

4. No puncuation spam. This means you cannot post "....................................." and if you do, that will result in a kick.

5. No message spamming. That means you can't post frequent messages with no meaning, such as one word posts like "a" over and over again, which will result in a kick.

6. Please do not use the chatbox for your personal advertisements. We do not need to know about your Anal Leakage Wiki.

7. If you are going to post a Youtube Link that is rediculously long, please use TinyURL. You will be warned the first time, and kicked the second time.

8. NSFW links are not allowed (e.g. shock sites, snuff films, porno, etc.) and will result in a 2 hour ban.

9. Screamers posted in the chat will be an automatic 2 hour ban for you.

10. Please limit your MLP talk, Furry talk, etc. We do not want our Wiki to turn into a Furry Wiki.

11. Roleplaying will result in 3 warnings before a 2 hour ban.

12. Your are allowed to talk about anything you want, as long as it is not one of the prohibited catagories on the rule list.

13. Cussing is allowed, but don't overdo it.

Follow these rules to becomet trusted and increase your chances of becoming a higher level Roadie.